Of Grandeur and Magnificence

It was my first day in the UAE. My friend Sunny came to receive me at the airport and we headed straight to pick up two pals of his (who became ‘our friends’ with the very first meet) who were still at work. Throughout the ride, all I did was enjoying the view of the… Continue reading Of Grandeur and Magnificence

Dubai Diaries – the Creek and the Souks

After a visit to the Museum, still immersed in the story of Dubai’s evolution into its present glitzy avatar, I headed for the creek. The saltwater inlet divides the two districts of Deira and Bur Dubai. Soon I was walking through the bustling ‘souks’ – market areas offering a milieu of artifacts from spices, textiles… Continue reading Dubai Diaries – the Creek and the Souks


Clicked at Global Village, Dubai, a portrait of one of the performers whom I came across near the main cultural stage. Exquisitely dressed in a traditional attire and ornaments, she stood out amidst the crowd watching the ongoing performance. When requested for, she happily obliged to pose for this photograph.