Islands for beginners in Germany

A guest write up by my friend Felix Ernesto Hück. He engages in international art projects that make their way to Frankfurt and contributes to film festivals dedicated to Latin America or Asia. Also, he translates for subtitles and has a strong passion for photography and videography. In Germany, houseboats have become a trend during… Continue reading Islands for beginners in Germany

Cherry Blossoms at 7000 KMs from Japan – Tulip Top Gardens

Have been trying cover some lesser known destinations in Australia (‘lesser known’ in regards to the usual itinerary of a tourist on a tight schedule). My first article in this thread was about a Chinese Garden themed park in midst of the bustling city of Sydney, link  : Had been thinking of penning down about… Continue reading Cherry Blossoms at 7000 KMs from Japan – Tulip Top Gardens

Hidden China Bustling Sydney

My sister struggled to keep pace with the three persons walking ahead – Raj Di and Sagar Da– our close friends, and myself. We were heading towards the Quakers Hill station, the train to Town Hall was to arrive in the next few minutes. It was a nice morning stroll (for my sister – partially… Continue reading Hidden China Bustling Sydney