Time and Tide

‘Time and Tide Waits for none’ , remember the phrase? But he was told to wait, and he agreed… a mistake? Year 2017 – they said its fresh, take some time. He obliged without much thought, everything felt so divine. Year 2018 – give it another year, your family’s need. Obliged again, but now it… Continue reading Time and Tide

The ‘Platform Lady’

When it comes to travelling and exploring, nothing quite compares to a journey by train. During one such trip as our train pulled into the bustling New Jalpaiguri Station (West Bengal), my eyes fell upon this elderly woman on the platform. Something about her was resilient. With a sharp gaze she seemed to be observing… Continue reading The ‘Platform Lady’

The Furry Love

One morning, our usually quite neighborhood was a spot of activities. This bunch of cute pups were the new occupants. They were soon playing around, to be exact, more of tumbling over each other, yelping….irresistibly adorable. Capturing them through the lens felt wonderful. This photograph is one of those special moments…innocence, curiosity and sweetness in… Continue reading The Furry Love

Street Justice ???

  To start with – would not categorize this post as ‘photography’. This was the first such situation I was witnessing with the camera in hands, and I tried to capture the same. Had actually planned for a photo-walk at Mallik ghat (Kolkata) and had left from home around 6 am. But my plan was… Continue reading Street Justice ???