Is it really?

Indeed it’s beautiful, but still the heart feels heavy. And if this is heaven, where are you hiding? Just like these clouds, there for the eyes, but can’t be touched. You don’t realise yet, but life is ticking away fast.

Addicted to Kolkata’s Yellow and Rain

Those bright yellow four wheelers are not just a mode of transportation since decades, but an emotion. Garnish them with some rain drops and you are into a surreal world… at least I am.

Cherry Blossoms at 7000 KMs from Japan – Tulip Top Gardens

Have been trying cover some lesser known destinations in Australia (‘lesser known’ in regards to the usual itinerary of a tourist on a tight schedule). My first article in this thread was about a Chinese Garden themed park in midst of the bustling city of Sydney, link  : Had been thinking of penning down about… Continue reading Cherry Blossoms at 7000 KMs from Japan – Tulip Top Gardens

A Handful of Smiles…

Childrens selling balloons is a common sight here in the streets of Kolkata…I come across this kid quite often on my way to work, waiting for traffic signals to turn red so that he can approach the cars for selling his balloons. Unlike the other kids, he has a school bag hanging behind… silent and… Continue reading A Handful of Smiles…