Is it really?

Indeed it’s beautiful, but still the heart feels heavy. And if this is heaven, where are you hiding? Just like these clouds, there for the eyes, but can’t be touched. You don’t realise yet, but life is ticking away fast.

Mrs. Borgohain and What My Parents Didn’t Teach Me

Deuta (as we address our father) never discusses about his office at home, not much even with Maa (our mother). As far as I can remember, for me and my sister, his workplace had always been a ‘cool’ hangout place for us with ever smiling Uncles-Aunties-Dadas-Baideos. Many a time, post-school, I used to spend time… Continue reading Mrs. Borgohain and What My Parents Didn’t Teach Me

Time and Tide

‘Time and Tide Waits for none’ , remember the phrase? But he was told to wait, and he agreed… a mistake? Year 2017 – they said its fresh, take some time. He obliged without much thought, everything felt so divine. Year 2018 – give it another year, your family’s need. Obliged again, but now it… Continue reading Time and Tide

The Door Of Opportunity.

Opportunity didn’t knock, so I built a door. The door didn’t budge, so I broke it open. They then said I had to do more. I punched harder, and now my hands are broken.

A Remembrance, a Regret…and a Thought

I had just returned from a weeklong vacation and heading straight for Hyderabad to the training institute of my organization. Maa informed me that our Aunt was not keeping well and was travelling to Hyderabad for treatment. Bubu Mahi was our youngest maternal aunt – a jovial lady, always animated and an amazing person who… Continue reading A Remembrance, a Regret…and a Thought

Home is where Sunset is like this…

A cup of tea with this majestic view from the balcony. Another reason in the long list asking me not to return back to the monotonous work life away from home. Oh how I pray life was what we wished for…Home, Our Assam 🙂