Addicted to Kolkata’s Yellow and Rain

Those bright yellow four wheelers are not just a mode of transportation since decades, but an emotion. Garnish them with some rain drops and you are into a surreal world… at least I am.

Sad or Eerie?

Was waiting by the road side when I noticed this aged person walking alone in the dark lane…his steps reflected the burden of old age. But the hour and he being alone radiated quite a depressing feeling. As I took out my mobile to click, I also decided to go for a time lapse video… Continue reading Sad or Eerie?

Islands for beginners in Germany

A guest write up by my friend Felix Ernesto Hück. He engages in international art projects that make their way to Frankfurt and contributes to film festivals dedicated to Latin America or Asia. Also, he translates for subtitles and has a strong passion for photography and videography. In Germany, houseboats have become a trend during… Continue reading Islands for beginners in Germany

Mrs. Borgohain and What My Parents Didn’t Teach Me

Deuta (as we address our father) never discusses about his office at home, not much even with Maa (our mother). As far as I can remember, for me and my sister, his workplace had always been a ‘cool’ hangout place for us with ever smiling Uncles-Aunties-Dadas-Baideos. Many a time, post-school, I used to spend time… Continue reading Mrs. Borgohain and What My Parents Didn’t Teach Me

Time and Tide

‘Time and Tide Waits for none’ , remember the phrase? But he was told to wait, and he agreed… a mistake? Year 2017 – they said its fresh, take some time. He obliged without much thought, everything felt so divine. Year 2018 – give it another year, your family’s need. Obliged again, but now it… Continue reading Time and Tide