Cherry Blossoms at 7000 KMs from Japan – Tulip Top Gardens

Have been trying cover some lesser known destinations in Australia (‘lesser known’ in regards to the usual itinerary of a tourist on a tight schedule). My first article in this thread was about a Chinese Garden themed park in midst of the bustling city of Sydney, link  :

Had been thinking of penning down about the Tulip Top Gardens since long and after almost two and half years of procrastination, here I am finally, thanks to work-life balance during COVID-19!  I visited the garden way back in 2017 and would always be indebted to our loving hosts Raj Di and Sagar Da for this wonderful time. This location was not in our list of ‘Places to Visit’ and it would have been a big miss to have returned without a visit to this fairyland-like landscape! And unlike my normal blogs, this would be a more of fountain of colourful images rather than a long write up of my experiences.

Was having some serious trouble posing with flowers for the first time!



The Brook lined with blossoms on both sides

Located about 20 minutes from Canberra’s CBD, over the border into NSW, Tulip Top Gardens is 13 KMs from Canberra Exhibition Park (show grounds) or 13 KMs from the southern end of Lake George. This is a 10-acre area which has been organizing an annual springtime festival and is run by a local family. The treasure trove of nature, the property has over a half million bulbs and flowers planted each year. Entry fee when I visited was AUD 16.00 (AUD 18.00 in 2019) for an adult which included access to tea/coffee and sandwiches. If you are in Canberra to visit the Floriade, you could plan for a trip to the Tulip Top Gardens as well. With the multitude of colours spread around, blossoms and streams, there is a tranquillity and peaceful aura over the gardens. With country music and wine (you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks), the hills and the colours make this place a perfect destination for a picnic. And for the shutterbugs – this is a paradise.

The Bridge at the entrance is must click location. PC : Sagar Da

Cherry blossoms had been from a fantasy world for me ever since as a child I had seen them in a movie, and it had always been ‘I need to visit Japan’ to experience being around these flowers. And here I was, surrounded by the lovely blossoms – 7000 KMs from Japan! This was a surprise that can’t be expressed in words, because my initial expectation was to witness acres spread of colorful Tulips. The hues would fill every visitor’s heart. As you enter the garden, there is this small brook which was lined by cherry blossoms and this sight was breathtaking. No doubt people waited in an informal queue to get clicked with this background. One is immediately overwhelmed by the splendour, variety and color of the landscape as soon you enter the gates. Let the calmness descend upon you as you enjoy a relaxed stroll through a display of blooms. For a bird’s eye view of the garden, we can walk up to a higher ground and view the area from the top. Countryside view of the rolling hills and the expanse of the valley surrounding the garden is worth the steep walk uphill. The path leading to the top is also lined with cherry blossoms!










The white blossoms were a delight for the eyes!














Back in the gardens, there is also a cascading waterfall and brook. There are benches and seats to simply sit and appreciate the magnificence of the place. After having our fill with the cameras, we finally settled down outside the cafe and munched on our sandwiches with live country music for company.




Sis just wouldn’t stop saying “This color and that color”  

We spent hours here before starting back, but not without getting ourselves a few collectibles from the Tulip Top Treasures gift shop (plants from their nursery were also available here). As we hit the Highway to Sydney, our hearts were filled with wondrous hues – and a serene feeling within.

The Walk Back
|Yes, I Still have the leaflet 🙂

Address – 20 Old Federal Highway, NSW.

Parking is free.

Proposed Date for 2020 : 12-September to 11-October.

*** Pet Dogs allowed 🙂

Their regular updates can be followed at :

In case you want to know more about the trip, please feel free to reach out to me at

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