Time and Tide

‘Time and Tide Waits for none’ , remember the phrase?
But he was told to wait, and he agreed… a mistake?

Year 2017 – they said its fresh, take some time.
He obliged without much thought, everything felt so divine.
Year 2018 – give it another year, your family’s need.
Obliged again, but now it was starting to bleed.
“You shall be on your own”, said one.
“Nothing’s wrong”, said many. But by his side were none.
Year 2019 – A decision… a fight inside and out.
Surrounded by friendly foes, all he could do was shout.

He forced himself to smile, indebted …reasons too many to count.
Inside it was helplessness and guilt, madness starting to mount.
His laughter was infectious, deceived everyone around him.
Even the jokes were quite good, hid the tears and the grim.
Taking his own life wasn’t the option, he was scared as well.
Waves of negativity rising inside, away from all he started to dwell.
I see him sitting on the couch in the corner of the room.
See him staring into the wall in front…I see him in anger fume.
I did try to help, tried stopping time for him.
Time did stop, the people around didn’t.

‘Time and Tide Waits for none’ , remember the phrase?
But he was told to wait, and he agreed… a mistake?
-Champak SharmaTime.jpg

By Champak Sharma

...and photographs are an amazing way to express the vivid shades of the poem called life. There are people and emotions, places and traditions, history and nature, moments and memories – and amidst them I discover the myriad colours of life. Their stories touch my being and I feel an urge to spread the reflections further. And photography is my medium for storytelling. The images are attempts to capture the essence of existences and in the process explore beyond the stereotypes. And with every photograph it’s an amazing feeling within…when a smile in an image spreads onto the lips of its viewer, serenity of a landscape captures someone’s imagination, ruins of an empire fills a mind with wonder, a high flying bird makes someone feel liberated, a look on an unknown face touches a heart…the list goes on. Like many others of my age, as a child growing up during 1990s – the still camera fitted with a photographic reel was a fascination for me. As time passed the compact digital camera became a household name and we no longer needed to ‘develop the negatives’. Now we have the DSLRs. Technologies have moved ahead simplifying the device – but photographs continue to be special moments preserved in the flow of time with interesting tales behind those shots. And this platform is an endeavor to share the photographs I capture, their stories and my experiences. As I attempt to explore the world through the lens, please join me in this journey and do share your views/comments.

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