Born Of Fire

Partners for life

Two Murano glass art pieces in the making. An inside peek into the world-famous glassblowing art by the craftsmen.

Ancient legend says that glass was created by chance on sandy river banks in Syna: Phoenician merchants saltpeter blocks to make campfires on the sand, and the mix of these elements and the heat produced this new surprising material.  Starting from 1000 B.C.E, glass spread throughout the Balkans and southern Europe, reaching the whole Mediterranean around the IV Century B.C.E. Finally Romans were the first who focused on glass production and made its use widespread.

To protect the art of making the glass, it was restricted to share the knowledge and glassblowers were kept confined to Murano. Neither were they allowed to take their workshops off the island. Glassblowing remained and thrived in Murano because of strict laws enforced by the government of Venice. Glassblowers were forced to remain in Murano while performing their skills. It is believed that the government of Venice hired men to monitor the glassblowers and keep them confined to Murano. They were instructed to capture and murder those who tried to escape. Venice did not want any skills of the art disclosed to other countries or foreigner in order to preserve their industry.



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