A Remembrance, a Regret…and a Thought

I had just returned from a weeklong vacation and heading straight for Hyderabad to the training institute of my organization. Maa informed me that our Aunt was not keeping well and was travelling to Hyderabad for treatment. Bubu Mahi was our youngest maternal aunt – a jovial lady, always animated and an amazing person who… Continue reading A Remembrance, a Regret…and a Thought

Home is where Sunset is like this…

A cup of tea with this majestic view from the balcony. Another reason in the long list asking me not to return back to the monotonous work life away from home. Oh how I pray life was what we wished for…Home, Our Assam 🙂

Born Of Fire

Two Murano glass art pieces in the making. An inside peek into the world-famous glassblowing art by the craftsmen. Ancient legend says that glass was created by chance on sandy river banks in Syna: Phoenician merchants saltpeter blocks to make campfires on the sand, and the mix of these elements and the heat produced this new surprising material.… Continue reading Born Of Fire

Andaman Escapade – Day 2, Breathing Underwater and Scooter Adventures in Havelock!


Starting from where I left… https://champographie.com/2018/03/18/work-says-no-leave-here-is-my-4-day-plan-which-might-help-andaman-escapade-day-1-wandering-in-and-around-port-blair/ Accustomed to hitting the snooze button multiple times before finally getting down from the bed, the previous night I had cautioned my brain not to repeat that practice in the morning. So at the very first ring of the alarm, instead of going for the mobile, I jumped out… Continue reading Andaman Escapade – Day 2, Breathing Underwater and Scooter Adventures in Havelock!