Street Justice ???


To start with – would not categorize this post as ‘photography’. This was the first such situation I was witnessing with the camera in hands, and I tried to capture the same.

Had actually planned for a photo-walk at Mallik ghat (Kolkata) and had left from home around 6 am. But my plan was cut short thanks to the monsoon (and my broken umbrella). Was sipping a cup of tea near this junction where I was supposed to catch the bus when I heard the ‘hulla-bulla’  and ‘maar maar’  shouts. Apparently, this man had tried to sneak away with a bus passenger’s cellphone and was caught red handed. What happened next lasted for may be a minute or two.

On a lighter note – while this person was being manhandled by the mob he immediately fell down on the road and ‘went’ senseless. I heard someone shout ‘**** acting korche. Aar maar!’ (‘He is acting. Thrash him more.’)  – I thought that must be some ‘action seeker’. Imagine my surprise when moments later I found out that this ‘seeker’ was correct – because as soon as the crowd dispersed and the traffic cops left, this guy was faster than Bolt and vanished in a blink of an eye.

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